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We are a small cattery of Maine Coon cats, we live in a small town in the province of Pavia in Lombardia, Robbio Lomellina. We started in 2007 with the arrive of our first maine Nikita, who has given us this wonderful breed and since then we have not stopped.
In 2008 we decided that our passion for these cats was not the simple desire to have others but to be able to raise and try to improve the breed.

Our breed is recognized by Anfi/Fife and we are committed not to miss anything with our cats, love, serenity, good food and above all the care they need each specimen. Our cats live with us in the house where there are no cages, leaving only to attend the expo which are also readily obtained satisfactory results.

We want to thank our vet ERIKA CIMA, who has given us these wonderful cats. Thank you especially for the large supply that has been shown at any time.

Spirit Of Lynx - Maine Coon Cattery
Robbio, Via Settebrini 13
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